Saturday, January 23, 2010

Been awhile, what not with Christmas and New Years...not to mention my sister-in-laws and fathers birthdays fall right after the holidays, in December and January....whew!...so between time and money, it's been a little tough to squeeze in extensive street shooting. But, last week for four days I went to NYC. Saw "Book of Eli" when it openned on Friday...totally not the plot I expected...and that made the movie much better. Then most of Saturday I was out shooting...morning, afternoon, and night. The picture presented here is probably my best shot of the photo outing....in my humble opinion. It was actually shot with a 5D 35mm f/2.0 lens, and converted in Photoshop to B&W using mostly a method described in http://www.aftercapture.com/storage/articles/AC0409_RAW_Black&White_Salwen.pdf , which is also found on the Educational Links portion of my website. They key to it is the ability to use the HSL/Grayscale color sliders to contrast control the conversion, much like using color contrast filters on film cameras.....only photoshop gives you a few thousand choices ;-)

Next trip for street shooting should be Philadelphia, PA. Can't promise any "winners", as per centages dictate a lot when shooting street.....above and beyond the normal winner per centage when you have all the time in the world to shoot. Street shooting requires same skill level as all photography....but there is a WHOLE lot of luck involved in it when you're grabbing candid shots of people who may or may not care if you shoot them.

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